Green Borders

Green Borders - WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the largest international environmental organisation, started in January 2009, along the Danube river, the LIFE Nature project "Transboundary conservation of the Phalacrocorax pygmaeus and Aythya nyroca in Romanian and Bulgarian key sites" [...]

The Ferruginous Duck

The Ferruginous Duck In an annually life cycle, the ferruginous duck is forced to use only wet lands. Ecology The ferruginous duck is limited by it's nature to a certain type of nutrition and shelter. These are necessary to satisfy it's physiological, migration, breeding, nutrition and security needs. [...]

The Pygmy Cormorant

The Pygmy Cormorant The pygmy cormorant is frequently searching his food in fish farms Ecology The pygmy cormorant is a good diver, it can stay underwater for more than a minute, searching for fish. [...]

Everyone took part at the Biodiversity Ball

WWF-Romania with the partners, the Olt's Environment Protection Agency (SOR) and with the help of the local community of Gîrcov and Giuvărăști ( Olt district), celebrated, accordingly, the ending of the project. [...]

Blog - Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! [...]

Photo Gallery

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Environmental Protection Agency  Olt (EPA - OT) Legal prerogatives EPA-OT is a county public authority concerning the environmental issues fulfilling in the attributions and responsibilities of the MEF (Ministry for Environmental and Forest) at local level. EPA-OT has the followings responsibility: in applying the national environmental policy at local level; in ruling and determining permit applications for all environmental issue (EIA, natural resources management, CITES, etc.); planning body setting environmental objectives for the region and actions for achieving these objectives; in increasing the amount of money available to improve the environment in Romania; in providing technical assistance and developing, reviewing and managing projects and programmes for environmental protection in the region financed by national or international sources; knowledge of the areas of the plant and animal species from the wild flora and fauna and enforcement the necessary measures for their protection and conservation within the county territory; periodical assessing, surveying and analyzed the state of the protected areas and natural monuments of the county; ensure, coordinate and survey enforcement of the management plans for natural protected areas and protected species; authorized, at the request of the natural and juridical persons, harvesting of the plants and animals from wild flora and fauna, according with the legal provisions and with the ability decided by the ministry; collaborate with the territorial authority responsible with the agriculture and forestry, and other local administration authorities for keeping records of the deteriorated lands and their afforestation, as well as setting up the protection curtains, in concordance with the law on land fund; identify the affected aquatic and terrestrial areas, requested and analyzed the proposals for their ecological reconstruction and approved this projects; analyze and approve, point a view of biological diversity conservation, the studies elaborated aimed authorized the economic and social activities, within the county territory. [...]